• Technical Support

    Our experienced techs are always here to provide you 24x7-Support for email and email related issues. All you need is to call our toll free number - 1-888-231-5735 and you will be offered responsive service.
  • E-Commerce Development

    Don't limit your business with physical restrictions, develop and grow into a full fledged online business by our E-Commerce Solutions. We build the platform FOR YOU, and do not believe is one-template-fits-all.
  • Web Design

    Get your store up and running fast – without breaking your back. Take a peek at all the great design templates we have designed, then choose your fave or get it designed specially for you and start customizing.
  • ITmagia Solutions

    From this page you can get a preview of all our services and products, which are handled in-house. You can request a quote as well as get an estimate cost of your project.
  • Mobile Themes

    The number of users visiting websites through tablets and mobiles are ever increasing thus getting your website to response accordingly is very vital. Responsive themes modify themselves according to the device the user is accessing the website from.
  • Mobile Apps

    Developing professional apps for different companies and organization is becoming part of the development process. These apps can be in-house for particular processes or for customers to get in touch with you.
  • E-Commerce Through Mobile

    Getting E-Commerce Websites to run on Mobile Devices could be a tricky, but here is the solution, we have dedicated team of professionals to get it to work for you. Get connected with numerous new clients through your Mobile-Commerce website.
  • Mobile Development

    We provide specialized products for Mobile Platforms, with increasing number of users accessing internet through Apps, Browsers, and various other ways and increasing sales of Tabs and Smartphones. Mobile Platforms are the future of internet accessibility.
  • Prestashop

    Building E-Commerce Solution with existing technology, open source e-commerce solution. It supports payment gateways such as Google Checkout, Authorize.net, Skrill, PayPal and Payments Pro via API. Further payment modules are offered commercially.
  • Wordpress

    Open source ecommerce web application, even though both of them are fairly popular but extensive customization needs limit them both in the hands of worthy developers like Us. Get them customized for your requirements. Word Press and Magento customization is one of the best solutions for getting a foothold on the internet business.
  • Magento

    At ITmagia, we provide service to help get your business online, build a E-commerce store and sell your products online, fairly quickly and easily. Magento is trusted by more than 150,000 thousand E-Commerce owners with many shopping carts on the internet made possible through Magento.
  • CMS

    Customized Software solves a lot of problem, firstly it breaks the "One-Size-Fits-All" and secondly the software developed has all the features which are deemed a requirement by the organization cutting all the useless features from the system. Get Yours Now!
  • SEO Services & SMM Services

    Search Engines help you to get visibility for your business and generate positive leads for the business. Online Marketing helps bringing your page into the first few results on the search result pages is vital for an online organizations survival. Our SEO Services are tailor made to your needs and expectations.
  • SEM Services & SMO Services

    Internet is all about transparency, and your clients do talk whether you are on internet or not. Interact with your clients and be a responsible business head. We will register your brand to all your clients and generate a buzz around your brand. Get our SEO experts to work on your projects.
  • Content Marketing: Content is the King

    Content marketing is a larger picture of both SEO and SMM services, even though SEO companies in India still haven't realized the importance of Content Marketing we provide excellent services in the field. Specialized content managers with excellent online marketing skills are put to work for your websites.
  • Internet Marketing

    No star can stand without his fans, and similarly no business will run without customers, thus we help in generating leads through SEO services and skillful online marketing services. Our web services include active content marketing, SEO & SEM as well as SMM & SMO support.
  • Content Management System

    Get Customized CMS platform for your web services, they are easy to handle and modify for you. CMS works wonders for companies which are keen to interact with the clients online. Huge amount of pages and content can be easily managed single handedly by using customized CMS builds.
  • Online Shopping Cart

    Our E-Commerce platform is considered to have the best design and handling of any shopping cart software and includes SEO Support, along with easy workflow and development plugin support. Provide easy to use e-commerce services to your clients by using a well developed e-commerce platform.
  • Web Services

    Web services include web development for basic and semi-advanced website needs. Just getting started into the web world, need a wider angle? Get simple static and dynamic websites developed and designed specially for you through our web solution services.
  • Web Development

    Our Web Development Services provide brick by brick support for all your needs and provides for your requirements. It includes all the plugins and after development support that need to be integrated into the platform.
  • Business Marketing

    Every business needs clients, and clients are generated through marketing. We provide a Complete Marketing Support on the internet and traditional media through creative campaigns and innovate designs. These Marketing support services does not only include Traditional Marketing support but Online Marketing Support too.
  • Streamlining Services

    Streamlining every process in organizing is very important as optimizing generates better processes and ultimately saves time and money. We provide ERP solutions for your internal process so that you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest on us.
  • Playing the Big League

    Catering to International Clients is altogether a different ball game, providing quality services is vital for survival in the international market. Meeting your requirement as well as deadlines is important for us.
  • Business Consultancy

    Whether Internal Processes or International Clients, you have us to support your processes. ERP solutions as well as marketing support for getting the visibility for your international clients. Online Marketing and Print Media Marketing support is our forte.
  • Yantra: CMS

    YANTRA is a CMS which has been ingeniously developed by ITmagia Solutions and has been well recieved by our clients. It has active plugin support and ever increasing plugin support which will help the users of Yantra to get specialized features for themselves. It has active Online Marketing Support with plugins.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Streamline your back-office and department's software integrations and operations — accounting, finance, HR. Syncronizing your various processes by getting just the solution for your ERP requirements.
  • Database Services

    Syncronizing your offline and online data is very vital to keep a syncronization between your online and physical business model. Keep all the records updates with our services.
  • Custom Software Development

    Customized Software solves a lot of problem, firstly it breaks the "One-Size-Fits-All" and secondly the software developed has all the features which are deemed a requirement by the organization cutting all the useless features from the system. Get Yours Now!
  • Template Design

    Artistic and Creative template designs for your website from our web designers who have experience of working with large projects. Web designing companies need an active portfolio filled with innovative designs.
  • Infographics

    Mostly used for Online Marketing, we provide services to design infographics for various companies which need them made. Infographics have emerged as a sound, white-hat way to generate high-quality natural back-links.
  • Graphic Design

    A requirement in most organizations for marketing and in house publications. Posters designs include marketing and publicity designs and posters, Posters used in organizations for employee interaction as well as events.
  • Web Design

    Creative Needs ? Contact us for custom designed posters, infographics and templates, with our web designing team skilled with print media designs as well as web designs. Content writers with large experience of infographics with content rich designs.
  • Re-Branding

    Market survey shows that regularly updated websites are visited more frequently than websites which are not. It can be the best decision you ever took if you decide to re-build your website for re-branding. Branding can never be complete without web presence, and this can be accomplished by our web design services. Lead generation could never be more easy through web presence.
  • Print Media Designs

    Print Media rules the traditional marketing campaigns, and it includes everything from Brochures, Banners, Hand Outs, Posters, Invitations as well as Print Ads. We nourish them with artistic creativity and aesthitic appeal.
  • Internet Marketing

    Having a strong internet presence is very important for branding purposes, it not only supports the traditional branding efforts but also builds trust in your brand for ever increasing number of people who take up internet for researching about products and services.
  • Branding

    From this page you can get a preview of all our services and products, which are handled in-house. You can request a quote as well as get an estimate cost of your project.

About Us

We admire Creativity and believe that everyone amongst us has a creative, strategic and inventive streak within them. With us You shall always expect some magic, the Magic of Ideas thus Magia, when so many creative people gather together under one roof it has to be Ingeniously Productive.